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AI powered product intelligence that gives everyone on your software team the power to do their best work.

Find out before your users when a critical feature fails.

You can’t afford to wait for customers to tell you when there is an issue in your app.
96% of unhappy customers don’t contact you when they experience an issue and 91% of them simply leave, never to return. Our real time alerts notify your team as soon as there is a problem - so you can minimise impact and fix the issue, fast.

Gain insights into your apps health.

Hawkei’s dashboard gives you up to date real time data. Delivering insights into the business and customer impact of the health of your application.
From development to release to your daily health check - know how your app is performing.

Build, Empower, Deliver

Ship code faster, with confidence.

Ship flawless features faster using hawkei to test your code before you release it to users. Empower your team to make data driven decisions and optimize the product delivery cycle.

Be confident your app is working as expected.

Real time success alerts give you confidence your users are getting what you promised them. So you don’t have to lose sleep worrying if everything is working… but if you are still awake at 2am you can check Hawkei to see the success alerts flowing :wink:

"Hawkei is the first thing I look at every morning. As a start up, customer retention is key for us and that means we need to make sure our application is stable. Hawkei’s dashboard gives me a snapshot of the key information I need to feel confident that our app is healthy."

Maurice Johson, ceo

"Since using Hawkei we have seen significant improvements to our user experience. A greater trust in our brand, improved customer satisfaction rates and higher customer retention."

Arthur O'Connell, Product Director


Built for people

We get frustrated when the apps we love aren’t working and our favourite features are broken. That’s why we built Hawkei, to make a truly seamless experience possible.

Intelligent technology for use across all lines of your business. We help you keep customers happy.

Auto Detect

AI powered detection of the critical paths in your application lets you setup Hawkei without the fuss. Hawkei finds your most popular features from your users behaviour and builds your flows for you.


Identify the critical product features in your software and stop worrying if they’re working. Hawkei will watch them 24/7 - across frontend, backend and microservices - we’ve got your back. Got cron jobs? We watch them too :wink:

Real-time alerting

Powerful yet simple real time alerts, with data to pinpoint and fix issues fast. Connect feature failure to impacted users and groups enabling you to be proactive in your customer service not reactive.

15-day Free Trial. No Credit Card Required.

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